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Classes ...

Tir Na Nog                                
Ages 2.5 - 4.  No previous training required. This class will have your Tiny Tot up and moving in no time! Emphasis on rhythm, movement, and Irish Dance. One class / week encouraged, but not required. 
Beginner Irish Dance     
Ages 5+.  Basic introduction to soft shoe Irish Step Dancing.  No prior experience necessary.  One class / week recommended. 

Advanced Beginner Combo Irish Dance 
Ages 5+.  Basic soft shoe instruction and introduction to hard shoe Irish Step Dancing.  One year of Beginner Irish Dance required.  One  - two classes / week recommended. 

​Novice Level Irish Dance  
Class for soft and hard shoe Irish Dance designed to refine and strengthen skills acquired in Beginner and Advanced Beginner. One - Two classes / week recommended. 


For Competitive Dancers: Must have completed at least 1 year of Advanced Beginner to attend this class.  

​Prizewinner Level Irish Dance

Ages 6+.  Classes for soft and hard shoe Irish Dance designed to prepare dancers for Championship level classes. It is recommended that dancers attend one class in each area per week. 


For Competitive Dancers: Must be competing in Prizewinner at competitions. 

Advanced / championship Irish Dance 

Ages 8+. Classes for soft and hard shoe Irish Dance geared for championship level dancers.  Classes incorporate strength training, flexibility, drills, and technique refinement.  Two classes / week in each area recommended, but not required. 

For Competitive Dancers: Must be a Preliminary or Open level dancer. 

Show troupe

Advanced Beginner - Championship level dancers may audition to become part of our Show Troupe.  These dancers will have the opportunity to perform for live audiences at shows around the region. 

team classes 

These classes will focus on traditional Ceili (or group) dances. Team dancers will have the opportunity to compete in competitions and perform at shows.  

For Competitive Dancers: Dancers who wish to compete at the regional Oireachtas will be required to participate in at least one team. 


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